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Polymerase Chain Reaction – PCR

Polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, is a laboratory technique to make many copies of a specific DNA region(amplify) in vitro (in a test tube rather than an organism). … In PCR, the reaction is repeatedly cycled through a series of temperature changes, which allow many copies of the target region to be produced. PCR testing can produce a billion copies of the target sequence in just a few hours.

♥ Cuur Diagnostics’ PCR is what precision healthcare looks like.
Key Components of CUUR Diagnostics’ PCR Diagnostics Solution:
  • Diagnostics with Extreme Sensitivity and Specificity
  • Comprehensive Sample Types Including Complicated Biofilms
  • Results in 24 Hours*
  • Actionable Results to Drive Targeted Treatment Decisions
  • Decreased Potential for Human Error
  • Fully Integrated IT and Data Outcomes Analyses (CuurCloud)®
  • Reduce Inappropriate Antimicrobial Use and Spread of Resistance
  • CUUR Laboratory’s are CLIA and CAP Accredited

CUUR Diagnostics molecular qPCR laboratory utilizes industry leading equipment including the latest technologies from ThermoFisher and operates under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) guidance issued by the FDA and CAP and CLIA quality standards.

*97 of results returned within 24hrs. of receipt.

Testing & Diagnostics
Traditional methods commonly fail to detect all pathogens in a polymicrobial environment and commonly only detect aerobic bacteria and obligate anaerobes. Molecular identification of pathogens allows for better detection of not only these organism, but also non-obligate anaerobes and fungi as well.
PCR Results 1 Day
Culture Results 4-7 Days
Skin & Wound Panel

Faster Treatment / Better Outcomes

The ability to identify both pathogenic bacterial and fungal elements in the microbiome allows a more complete guide for providers to offer more individualized treatment plans. This limits overuse of ineffective treatments and use of more narrow-spectrum treatments.  Patients receive faster treatment with improved outcomes.



PCR offers enhanced sensitivity and specificity and the ability to detect multiple targets within the same sample – even in non-viable samples. CUUR offers testing for Respiratory, UTI, Skin & Wound, and Vaginal Microbiota panels. Custom panels are also possible.

PCR Testing Assessment 
Enhanced Sensitivity
Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Targets
Single, Non-invasive sample
Panel Testing Available
A Shorter Turnaround Time
Results in 1 Day
The Ability To Detect Non-viable Microbes
Respiratory Panel
Skin & Wound Panel
Urinary Tract Infection Panel
Vaginal Microbiota Panel
Gastrointestinal Panel
Custom Panels
PCR Molecular Testing
  • Results in a day
  • Highly Sensitive and Specific
  • Simultaneous Detection of Pathogens
  • Can Detect Non-viable Microbes
  • No Need to “Grow” Microbes
  • Avoid Antibiotic Overuse
Antibiotic Resistance

CUUR Diagnostics has transformed infectious disease diagnostics into a more precise, timely, and flexible process to combat the impending Antibiotic  Resistance (ABR) crisis. 

Our detection panels contain some of the most appropriate gene assays to target the most resistant strains found today and are customized to the source of the sample.

To eliminate the use of overly toxic broad-spectrum anti-microbials, CUUR Diagnostics panels are more specific, more sensitive, and maximizes the speed with which precision therapies can be prescribed.

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