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CUUR Diagnostics is dedicated to maintaining the largest data set of infectious disease targets available in the world.

Nail Infections have historically been difficult to accurately diagnose and expensive to treat. Many organisms have unique nutritional requirements not identified through a standard culture which can be delayed and is often an inappropriate treatment. Not to mention, bacteria can exist within the wound as multi-layered microbial communities, known as biofilms, surrounded by a protective extracellular slime layer that is produced by the organisms within the wound.

CUUR Diagnostics optimizes care and cost by identifying the relevant agents of disease. Through our proprietary onychodystrophy DNA testing solution, we help providers determine the safest, effective oral and topical treatment in wound and nail diagnostics, limb preservation, avoidance of adverse events and prevention of unnecessary antibiotic prescribing.

Skin and wound panel

Nail Dermatophyte 
Nail DermatophyteTrichophyton rubrum
Nail DermatophyteTrichophyton interdigitale/mentagrophytes
Nail DermatophyteTrichophyton soudanense
Nail DermatophyteTrichophyton violaceum
Nail DermatophyteTrichophyton tonsurans
Nail DermatophyteTrichosporon beigelii
Nail DermatophyteTrichosporon mucoides
Nail DermatophyteMicrosporum audouinii
Nail DermatophyteMicrosporum canis
Nail DermatophyteMicrosporum gypseum
Nail DermatophyteMicrosporum nanum
Nail DermatophyteEpidermophyton floccosum

Non-dermatophyte Fungi (Saprophyte) 
Non-dermatophyte Fungi (Saprophyte)Fusarium solani
Non-dermatophyte Fungi (Saprophyte)Fusarium oxysporum
Non-dermatophyte Fungi (Saprophyte)Aspergillus fumigatus
Non-dermatophyte Fungi (Saprophyte)Aspergillus niger
Non-dermatophyte Fungi (Saprophyte)Aspergillus terreus
Non-dermatophyte Fungi (Saprophyte)Aspergillus versicolor
Non-dermatophyte Fungi (Saprophyte)Alternaria
Non-dermatophyte Fungi (Saprophyte)Curvularia lunata
Non-dermatophyte Fungi (Saprophyte)Acremonium strictum
Non-dermatophyte Fungi (Saprophyte)Scopulariopsis brevicaulis
Non-dermatophyte Fungi (Saprophyte)Scytalidinum dimidiatum
Non-dermatophyte Fungi (Saprophyte)Malassezia furfur
Non-dermatophyte Fungi (Saprophyte)Cryptococcus laurentii
Non-dermatophyte Fungi (Saprophyte)Neofusicoccum mangiferae

Nail Yeast Pathogens 
Yeast PathogensCandida albicans
Yeast PathogensCandida parapsilosis
Yeast PathogensCandida tropicalis
Yeast PathogensCandida krusei
Yeast PathogensCandida glabrata
Yeast PathogensCandida guilliermondii

Nail Bacteria 
BacteriaPseudomonas aeruginosa
BacteriaStaphlococcus aureus
BacteriaYersinia enterocolitica

Nail AbR 


  • Over 3 million new cases a year of nail infections in the US
  • 20% of new cases are found in 60-70 year old patients and 50% are over 70