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Laughlin COVID-19 Testing
Please Pre-Register, Then Visit Test Site
Testing Between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday Only

1701 S. Casino Blvd.
Laughlin, NV 89029

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Thursday, December 24th


Thursday, December 31st

Regular Testing Schedule

Between: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Thursday Only

After registering, you may come to testing site anytime during the above hours/days.


$125* Cash Price Per Test 

*No cash accepted at site. You must prepay through online registration.

TRAVEL TESTING SERVICE (includes documentation for destination): For an additional fee, we offer a concierge COVID-19 travel testing service. YOU MUST CONTACT US FIRST TO RECEIVE THIS SERVICES. Learn more (844) ASK CUUR (275-2887 ).

DOCTOR’s ORDER? If you have a Doctor’s order, please bring a printed photocopy of BOTH the order and your insurance card (both front and back sides).

NOTICE: If your employer contracted for your test, please make sure you contact your employer for proof of purchase and sign the online consent form before going to testing location.
NOTICE: No shirt, no shoes, no mask = NO SERVICE
NOTICE: Travel Testing Available (includes documentation for destination): For an additional fee, we offer a COVID-19 travel testing service. YOU MUST CONTACT US DIRECTLY TO RECEIVE THIS SERVICE. (844) ASK CUUR (275-2887).

NOTICE: Concierge Testing (Business or Individual): For an additional fee, we offer a concierge COVID-19 testing service. YOU MUST CONTACT US DIRECTLY TO RECEIVE THIS SERVICE. (844) ASK CUUR(275-2887).

To help keep both you and our staff as safe as possible.
  1. For Individual purchase of COVID-19 testing, Pre-Register HERE. (If your employer purchased your test, do not register here. Please contact them for registration and testing information).
  2. Go to testing site anytime during open hours (no appointment needed). Bring proof of purchase AND photo ID with you.
  3. NO WALK UP SERVICE –  You must pre-register
  4. Maintain social distancing
  5. No shirt, No Shoes, No Mask = NO SERVICE
  • After Test, look for email with link to login for your test results (See Important Notes Below).
  • We do our best to return test results via email in a timely manner. Typically results are sent within 24 to 48 hours from collection. HOWEVER, due to unforeseen issues test results may take longer.
  • Remember to check your email SPAM folder for test results.
  • Test taken Fridays will be processed the following Monday. Results are typically sent within 24 to 48 hours from time of processing.
  • We highly recommend that you return home to isolate until we contact you with your results. 
  • Once you’ve registered with CUUR Diagnostics, you may use the same account if you wish to have a COVID-19 test done at a later date.
  • Please review ALL frequently asked questions below for more information on testing. 
  • For more extensive information on COVID-19 or COVID-19 test results, please consult with your primary care physician and visit the CDC website.
  • TRAVEL TESTING SERVICE (includes documentation for destination): For an additional fee, we offer a concierge COVID-19 travel testing service at our drive-through testing site. Please contact us to learn more (844) ASK CUUR (275-2887 ).
  • For assistance: (844) ASK CUUR | (844) 275-2887 | Option 2
You can view and print results from the same portal used to register. Notifications are immediately emailed when results are available. Please check junk mail if past time.
FAQ’s of COVID-19 Drive-Through Testing

EMAIL LINK. A link to your test results will be emailed to you.

Click the link to view your test results.

Please, also check your SPAM folder for email.

CUUR Diagnostics’s molecular test is specifically suited to detect and diagnose SAR CoV2 (COVID-19). 

Our laboratory testing provides superior sensitivity and specificity to identify pathogens, such as COVID-19, using qPCR DNA and RNA level sequencing.

We utilize industry leading equipment including the latest technologies from ThermoFisher and operate under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) guidance issued by the FDA and CAP and CLIA quality standards. 

Our highly trained and fully PPE protected staff will verify your pre-registration, then administer the test by placing a swab in your nostril to the back of the nasal cavity. One twist and the swab is removed. Many experience a slight tearing effect on the side the test is performed, but is tolerated easily by most. The swab is then placed directly in a sterile container with your unique QR code and is properly sent to our Las Vegas Laboratory for testing. Other than taking the swab, we do our best to provide a contactless testing experience.

Test results are typically provided via email within 24-48 hours. IMPORTANT: test results may take longer due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Be sure to make a note of the Email used during registration for the test. This is the email used to send your results.

The COVID-19 test costs $125 per test and is paid when you pre-register online through the CUUR Diagnostics portal HERE

Concierge Employer testing (your location) is available for an additional fee and minimum test quantities.

Travel Testing is also available for an additional fee (includes testing travel documents). Please contact us for more information: (844) ASK CUUR (275-2887).

IF YOU ARE PAYING YOURSELF: YES! Please pre-register online, make your payment, then bring proof of payment with you to the testing site. No appointment necessary.  Register here.

IF YOUR EMPLOYER PAYED FOR TEST: You will be registered under the employer account. You MUST get proof of purchase from your employer to bring with you for testing. You must also bring a signed employee consent form.

NO! No appointment necessary. HOWEVER, pre-registration online IS necessary: Pre-register here.
Then proceed to the testing site with your proof of payment in-hand.

IMPORTANT: If your employer is paying for your test, you will be registered under your employers account and will not need to register as an individual. You will need to contact your employer to get proof of purchase and sign employee consent form.

YES! Once you've registered with CUUR Diagnostics, you may use the same account if you wish to have a COVID-19 test done at a later date. Keep your login information handy. 

We process in batches and even if you tested at the same time you may not be in the same batch together. But, test results should be returned very soon after.

For an additional fee, we offer a concierge service for travelers in need of proof of COVID-19 testing. Test results include documentation for destination. Those needing to be tested are still required to visit our drive-through testing location.

Please contact us to learn more (844) ASK CUUR (275-2887 ).

An Inconclusive Test Result

A qPCR test can return results of Positive, Negative, or Inconclusive. Re-testing requires re-registering and payment for an additional test.

An inconclusive test result means that the test was neither positive or negative.


There is a narrow band of samples (inconclusive) that may have SARS CoV 2 virus that is perhaps being marginally detected on our instruments. All such samples are then automatically retested in an attempt to provide a conclusive result.

The reason for the inconclusive result is because the second processing of the sample was also inconclusive.

This means a second sampling from the individual will be needed to re-evaluate for the presence of SARS CoV2 virus in the individual.

Because of the way the test is validated and is in compliance with FDA criteria we cannot call positive a sample that does not meet certain criteria and likewise we cannot call negative a test that doesn’t follow other criteria.

The most likely reason for someone to receive an inconclusive result will be a very small presence of SARS CoV 2 virus present in the sample - either very early in infection or very late in infection (recovery).

Retesting requires re-registering and paying for an additional test. 

NO! For everyone's safety, you must be in a vehicle. Additionally, service to those using Ride Share services is NOT offered. Again, for everyone's safety.

NEGATIVE RESULTS: If your test results are negative, you can return to your normal daily routine if you do not have symptoms. Keep in mind, we do recommend you remain at home if you feel sick. While you may have tested negative for COVID-19, it is possible you have another illness that could spread to others. Manage your symptoms at home and contact your primary care provider (PCP) if you have any questions or concerns. It is important to remain at home until you have been symptom-free for at least 72 hours.

POSITIVE RESULTS: If your test results are positive, CUUR HEALTH will notify the county and state health departments and recommend you seek advice from a qualified provider of your choosing. We strongly recommend your also notify your provider and any friends and family you’ve been in contact within the recent weeks.

If you’d like to help forward our mission to keep our Las Vegas community healthy and safe, download and share the news about our Drive-up COVID-19 testing services and rapid results with friends, family and local businesses.  They will thank you!

YES, at this time. Keep an eye on this website for further information as it becomes available.


CUUR Health is dedicated to providing rapid results to as many people across the United States as possible as we band together to navigate this national healthcare crisis. For Employer Groups (in or outside the Las Vegas metro), let us discuss how to bring our services to you!

Please contact us or submit an online request and a member of our team will be happy to discuss our customizable on-site employer collection and testing programs.

Contact us for more information


Mobile collection services available for employers who want to keep their workplace safe. Register online to get more information on our flexible, customizable on-site testing programs.

IMPORTANT:  If you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and believe you are experiencing a medical event that requires immediate attention, visit an emergency room for evaluation and treatment. Please wear your own mask to the emergency room or put on a hospital-provided mask immediately upon arriving to protect other patients, visitors and health care workers.