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CUUR Diagnostics is dedicated to maintaining the largest data set of infectious disease targets available in the world.

During 2017-2018 Flu Season, CDC estimates:
• 48.8 million sick
• 22.7 million healthcare visits
• 959,000 hospitalizations
• 79,400 deaths

1 million adults in the US seek care due to pneumonia every year and 50,000 die

Acute respiratory infection is a leading cause of death in children and contributes to a substantial amount of mortality in geriatric and immunocompromised patients worldwide. Co-infection with multiple organisms is also common within these patient populations and making clinical decisions more complex. To be effective, providers require access to advanced technologies that can detect multiple pathogens at once reducing the chance of false negative test results that can lead to a delayed or incorrect diagnosis and poor clinical outcomes.

CUUR Diagnostics quickly identifies all organisms and pathogens in the respiratory tract and potential bacterial antibiotic resistance allowing providers to offer more effective, supportive care while strengthening their antibiotic stewardship programs. In addition, as seasonal demand increases, xymbio can adapt quickly to changing needs for respiratory infection testing in your community, as well as patient age and overall health. With significant overlap of symptoms across infections and an evolving reimbursement landscape, we offer flexible, custom assays to deliver the highest-quality and cost-effective results.

  •  The CDC reports Infectious Diarrhea kills 2,195 children every day worldwide making this the leading cause of death among children under age 5
  • Over 200 million episodes per year of infectious gastroenteritis reported in the US

Gastrointestinal infections are among the most commonly encountered infections in primary care today. While they may not always be severe and may often resolve rapidly, they can be serious in specific healthcare settings or patient populations when caused by a variety of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Despite tremendous progress in both diagnosis and treatment of GI Tract Infections, pathogens may be underestimated as a cause of diarrhea as a result of current type of testing commonly used to accurately identify the right pathogen as the cause.

xymbio rapidly identifies a broad range of potential bacterial, viral or parasitic pathogens with extreme sensitivity and specificity. We use targeted assays for nosocomial diarrhea and syndromic panels for community acquired/traveler’s diarrhea that align with recommended guidelines. xymbio empowers providers to improve efficiency and effectiveness of clinical outcomes by reducing turnaround time, consolidating sample testing, and reducing opportunities for human error delivering optimal results for patient care, antimicrobial stewardship, and infection control.

  •  In the US, 8.2 million patients receiving Medicare benefits suffer from chronic wounds
  • Medicare spends over $32 billion annually on wound treatment.

Acute and chronic wounds have become a significant healthcare problem in the US and as well as globally. Rapid and comprehensive identification of pathogens is critical to mitigate the risk of an acute infection becoming chronic, especially where patients with venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers or pressure ulcers who frequently suffer from prolonged failure to heal and may progress to the need for amputation. Correctly identifying the cause of a chronic wound as well as the local and systemic factors that may be contributing to poor wound healing is critical to successful wound treatment.

xymbio provides the most comprehensive examination of the bacterial and fungal organisms available on the market empowering providers in wound diagnostics, limb preservation, avoidance of adverse events and prevention of unnecessary antibiotic prescribing.

  • One in five women have at least one UTI in her lifetime.
  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are responsible for nearly 10 million doctor visits a year and the leading reasons antibiotics are prescribed in long term care facilities.

A urinary tract infection (UTI) can impact any part of the urinary system, including the kidneys, ureters, bladder, or urethra and can range from being annoying or painful to becoming a serious problem. The vast majority of UTIs are caused by enteric (gut) microbes, a group of bacteria that are prone to multiple drug resistance which has led to complications for clinical diagnosis and treatment.

xymbio quickly identifies pathogens with extreme specificity and accuracy over conventional cultures.  Our solution drives clinical decision-making while reducing false positives and unnecessary drug exposure which could lead to adverse events. By detecting the most significant pathogens and identifying potential bacterial antibiotic resistance, an effective, and supportive antibiotic treatment can begin as early as possible.

The implications of diagnosing women’s health infections extend far beyond that of each patient – it can affect their partners and even their children. Particularly when it comes to infectious disease, it’s essential to get fast, reliable and actionable results.

The newly discovered female urinary microbiota has the potential to deepen our understanding of urinary tract health and disease, including common lower urinary tract conditions such as urinary incontinence and urinary tract infection. The female urinary microbiota possesses characteristics that differ between women affected by urgency urinary incontinence and matched, unaffected controls.

Traditional culture-based or microscopy-based methods for analysis of the vaginal microbiota can be time-consuming, overly subjective and inaccurate due to lack of sensitivity and specificity. xymbio’s molecular technology solution can detect microbes that are slow growing, difficult to grow or that fail to grow under traditional methods providing clear, precise and actionable categorization of microorganisms involved.

  • 2.3 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis reported to CDC for 2017 and represents just a small fraction of the true disease burden
  • The total estimated direct cost of STIs annually in the U.S. about $16 billion

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are a public health problem, and their prevalence is only rising. It’s critical for diagnostic tests for STIs to not only aid the diagnosis of typical cases, but also atypical cases, asymptomatic infections and also multiple infections. Unfortunately, the existing diagnostic methods for STIs are fraught with several challenges, including delay in results, lack of sensitivity and specificity.

xymbio methods fulfill the criteria of accuracy, affordability, accessibility, efficiency, sensitivity, specificity and ease of handling. Results are rapid, cost-effective and reliable; offering increased sensitivity, specificity and speed. xymbio methods are especially useful for microorganisms that cannot be or are difficult to cultivate by increasing automation and standardization and decreasing potential for human error.

  • Over 3 million new cases a year of nail infections in the US
  • 20% of new cases are found in 60-70 year old patients and 50% are over 70

Nail Infections have historically been difficult to accurately diagnose and expensive to treat. Many organisms have unique nutritional requirements not identified through a standard culture which can be delayed and is often an inappropriate treatment. Not to mention, bacteria can exist within the wound as multi-layered microbial communities, known as biofilms, surrounded by a protective extracellular slime layer that is produced by the organisms within the wound.

xymbio optimizes care and cost by identifying the relevant agents of disease. Through our proprietary onychodystrophy DNA testing solution, we help providers determine the safest, effective oral and topical treatment in wound and nail diagnostics, limb preservation, avoidance of adverse events and prevention of unnecessary antibiotic prescribing.

  • CDC reports every year in the United States alone over 2,000,000 Antimicrobial Resistant infections and at least 23,000 deaths
  • $20 Billion Direct Healthcare Annual Spend in US

 It’s clear that after hundreds of years of steady medical breakthroughs, the public health crisis of Antimicrobial Resistance poses a very real possibility of medical setbacks. Developing new medicines isn’t enough. The discovery of new antimicrobials is too slow to keep pace with how quickly microbes are evolving rather we need to preserve the effectiveness of the antimicrobials we have. Just as important, it’s critical we move away from the broad over-prescription of antibiotics towards more targeted therapy.

The xymbio proprietary Antimicrobial Resistance Panel and Technology Solutions empower healthcare providers to make targeted treatment decisions sooner — reducing inappropriate antimicrobial use and the spread of resistance. Our advanced molecular technologies detect clinical problematic and prevalent antibiotic resistance genes that lead to resistance to some of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics including penicillin, cephalosporins, monobactams, carbapenems, macrolides and fluoroquinolones. xymbio can help guide patient treatment, detect emerging threats, and prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance and while informing local providers to prevent spread and protect people on a global level.

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CUUR Diagnostics maintains the largest data set of Infectious Disease targets available in the world today. Our team of experts are on hand to help.

Infectious Disease Care


At CUUR Diagnostics, we understand behind every test we perform is a person – a wife, a grandmother, a brother, a neighbor, or a friend – or even someone’s newborn child. . . We take extreme care with every test performed at our laboratories. The COVID-19 Pandemic has driven home the importance of this like no other.

Our expertise combined with our highly sensitive qPCR level testing capabilities have provided CUUR Diagnostics with the ability to rapidly detect the molecular signature of harmful organism such as the CORONAVIRUS RNA that threatens lives.

qPCR testing is the most accurate way possible to quickly and accurately detect COVID-19 and all known infectious diseases. CUUR Diagnostics is dedicated to maintaining the largest data set of infectious disease targets available in the world.

The entire CUUR Diagnostics team strives to empower healthcare professionals with  highly accurate tools and resources to quickly initiate the correct course of therapy leading to improved patient outcomes and quality of life.