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Have you ever gone to the doctor and said “I know my body and I need antibiotics?” I know I have… At least until I learned more about the big picture and how I was negatively effecting my health.

It is estimated that up to 50% of all prescribed antibiotics are either not needed – such as antibiotics given to treat viral infections – or are not properly “matched” to the bacteria they’ve been prescribed to treat, and therefore are not as effective as they could be. CDC What’s Got You Sick.

Bacteria Infection – Antibiotics Indicated = Yes

Viral Infection – Antibiotics Indicated = No

Typically, if you present with symptoms that lead your doctor to believe you may need antibiotics the following may occur. Your doctor takes a specimen swab of the effected area, sends it to the lab, and then sends you home with a general use antibiotic while they wait for the test results. In the past, test results could take up to three days to be returned. During this time you would have been taking a general antibiotic (whether you needed it or not). When the test results are returned, up to three days later, you may find you are on the wrong antibiotic for your infection or you do not have a bacterial infection and should not be on antibiotics at all.

Each time this happens, your body may adjust to the antibiotics. Collectively, this may contribute to the antibiotic becoming less effective. It may also allow mutation of the bacteria to occur and therefore decrease the effectiveness of the antibiotics medical science has for the fight.

I eventually realized my behavior of requesting antibiotics not only may negatively affect my health, but the health of generations to come. “Super bugs” as they are sometimes called can become stronger and antibiotic resistant. CDC.

We are all in the fight against antibiotic overuse. CUUR Diagnostics takes this fight very seriously. Our approach is multifaceted. We offer:

  1. A wide range of Infectious Disease Panels for testing. See List Below.
  2. qPCR testing that provides extreme sensitivity at the molecular level.
  3. Fast turn-around of test results
  4. Complete physician directed diagnostics of test results
  5. CuurCloudTM A 24/7 cloud-based portal to help physician and patient track sample testing

Without urgent action, it is estimated that by 2050, 10 million people a year will die from drug-resistant infections and $100 trillion in global economic productivity will have been lost over that time period.

Every Year in the United States Alone (CDC)
  • Over 2,000,000 Antimicrobial-Resistant Infections
  • At Least 23,000 Deaths Every Year
  • At least 30% of antibiotics prescribed in the US doctor’s offices and Emergency Departments are unnecessary
  • Antimicrobial Resistance Disproportionately Affects Our Children and Elderly

The threat of Antimicrobial Resistance not only poses a colossal threat to global health but also incurs significant economic costs to society. Economic evaluations of antimicrobials and interventions that affect their consumption rarely include what Antimicrobial Resistance costs yet will significantly impact our future and cannot be ignored.


Ask your physician for the CUUR Box. The easy 1,2,3 of sample testing – Swap, Pack, Ship. Over 97% of tests returned in 24-48 of hours from receipt.


  • Respiratory w/COVID-19 Panels
  • UTI Panels
  • STI Panels
  • Gastrointestinal Panel
  • Vaginal Microbiota Panel
  • Skin & Wound Panel
  • Nail Panel
  • Antimicrobial Resistance Panel
  • Custom Panels
Infectious Disease Care
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CUUR Diagnostics was founded by experienced medical scientists and healthcare professionals and utilize industry leading equipment including Thermofisher, under CAP and CLIA quality standards, to rapidly deliver high complexity qPCR molecular testing for infectious disease identification. The CUUR Diagnostics’ SARS-COV-2 assay is an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) test awarded by the U.S. FDA.

CUUR Diagnostics is a division of Assurity Healthcare, a Medicare-certified clinical laboratory provider that offers innovative healthcare laboratory solutions to hospitals, clinics and other medical entities. Serving clients across multiple states in the U.S., our services include infectious disease testing, planning, build-out, staffing, compliance and operation of complex medical labs.

CUUR Panels:
Respiratory w/COVID-19, UTI, Skin & Wound, Vaginal Microbiota, Nail, STI, Gastrointestinal, Antimicrobial Resistance, and Custom Panels


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